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Why Circus?

Circus Skills have so much to offer to school groups:

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Challenging yet achievable
  • Restores confidence and trust
  • Encourages students to work together and support each other
  • Promotes a healthy sense of self and personal goal setting
  • Builds teamwork skills
  • Encourages leadership
  • Promotes problem solving
  • Allows children to take safe risks
  • Develops both sides of the brain
  • Non-competitive
  • Provides many opportunities to link in with the school curriculum
  • And it’s fun!

Dr Reg Bolton, founder of The Circus Shop, created this hand analogy to help remind us of the many reasons why circus is such a great activity for children:


The index finger is self, individuality, identity and image.
The middle finger is risk, adventure, courage and defiance.
The ring finger is trust, touch, cooperation and sharing.
The little finger is dreams, aspiration, imagination and symbolism.
The thumb is hard work, resilience, persistence and process.
The ticklish palm is fun, humour, happiness and laughter.

To read Reg’s 2004 thesis ‘Why Circus Works’, visit

Workshop Kits


The Circus Shop offers great discounts for specially designed Workshop Kits which are suitable for schools and groups running circus skills classes.

At The Circus Shop we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and only recommend  equipment which has previously been used successfully by circus groups.

Here you will find a list of circus equipment we recommend for use in schools. This list is continually updated as we find new equipment especially suited for school groups – so stay tuned.

Can’t see the ‘Bag of Tricks’ you need?

No worries, contact us with your requirements and we can quote you on a tailor made Circus Workshop Kit designed just for you.

We know our stuff and love to help! And we are always happy to receive feedback on our equipment as that is how we learn and develop. So if you have some feedback, please let us know.


So you want to book some workshops?

For Western Australian schools and groups visit

Suitcase Circus

They have been teaching circus in schools for over 35 years and they know their stuff!

This unique program offers inspiring shows, workshops & performing arts / physical education courses.

These guys are the best! The original Circus-In-Education program.

If you are a school or group based elsewhere in Australia or the World, please contact us and we’ll try to put you in contact with circus teachers in your area.