PX3 Sirius Trainer

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This Pirouette style club from ‘Play’ is slim and fast making it a favourite for numbers juggling, tricks and club passing.

This club, as with other PX3 clubs are built using a plastic tube instead of a wooden dowel. This material is both much stronger than wood, assuring a perfect control of weight and balance. The white FLEXGRIP one piece handle is extremely long lasting and gives great control. The PX3 also offers a thermoplastic inner rubber knob and anti stripping nylon cap, plus a shock absorbing system that makes it the most durable professional club available.

It’s no wonder that many of the worlds top jugglers are using PX3 clubs.

Length 52cm
Weight 225g

Priced per club.

All colours are not always available. We will contact you to discuss if your preference is out of stock.

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Blue/White, Green/White, Red/White, Orange/White, Yellow/White, Surprise Me!


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