Oddballs Travel Hula Hoop


Hooping on the move made easy with this thick, durable and colourful travel hoop.

100cm diameter, 25mm tubing.

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Made with tough 25mm tubing, this robust travel hula hoop is perfect for those wanting to pack their hoop down to a smaller size. Easy to collapse using the strong aluminum lock clip. Covered in colourful fabric tape for extra grip.

The thicker/heavier size makes this a great hoop for exercise, but also fantastic for big kids and adults using it for regular hooping!

When travelling it is fine to keep it folded up, but we recommend you only keep it in folded position for a few days to help keep its lovely round shape.

100cm diameter

Available in: orange/red, pink/blue, purple/orange

(not all colours are always available but if you have a preference let us know in the comments section of your order)

Due to the size and weight of the hoop, extra postage may be required. We will let you know if this is the case.


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