Nils Poll Manipulator Hat


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These are the real deal. Much loved by jugglers around the world.
With three layers of felt to give just the right weight, balance and semi-stiffness.

We keep a limited amount of these in stock. Let us know what size you are (they range from 55cm – 63cm) and what your preferred colours are and we’ll contact you a call to let you know if it is available and whether there will be a delay.

These are the original Nils Pol hats made by Andersen and Berner, be careful not to accept imitations which are of much lower quality.

It’s important to order the right size hat. You need to measure your head around the part where your hat will sit. If you plan to use your hat for manipulation then you want to have a space to be able to put 1 or 2 fingers between the brim of your hat and your head so add this on when measuring.


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