Lumi Pro LED Rechargeable Devilstick



The convenience of being USB rechargeable along with the brilliant new colour modes make this product unbeatable!

Devil Stick tricking in the dark just became a walk in the park!

The Lumi Glow LED Devilstick has two LED light units with heaps of bright preset colour modes to choose from. One press of a button to turn them on and to cycle through the modes.

Recharges with the included USB-C cable.

Designed by Threeworlds, they’re made to last so they can take hard knocks and drops. Made with polycarbonate they are strong, yet light. The LED Unit, Silicone End Caps and Silicone flowers add weight on the ends, which is exactly where you want it for easy balance and momentum. Both the TrickStix and handsticks are fitted with silicone grip to add extra grippiness, making your play easy.

Length: 620mm

1 x Lumi Pro LED Glow Stick with silicone flowers
2 x TrickStix Handsticks


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