Giraffe Unicycle (5 foot)


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Made by UDC.

The Club 5 foot  is fun to ride and designed to give you extra height with the intermediate unicyclist in mind. They are not difficult to ride once you have mastered a normal unicycle although free-mounting can be a bit tricky.

Ensure inseam measurements are taken from crotch to floor wearing shoes, with a minimum of 69.8cm and a maximum of 100.3cm.

Saddle Club Black
Seat Post 24.5mm x 400 rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole
Seat Post Clamp 27.2mm quick release
Frame Black
Hub/Axle 36H hub 6 bolt disc rotor mount for UDC safety sprocket
Spokes 14g stainless 20” x36
Rim 20” black 36hole, 32mm wide, reinforced eyelets, double wall
Rim Strip Rubber
Tyre 20” Duro X-Performer White
Crank Arms 127mm steel bicycle single chainring
Transmission Single extra strong chain using large sprockets



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