A Devilstick is made up of 3 pieces; a centre stick and 2 hand sticks. There are 2 main types of ‘sticks’; ones with tassels are referred to as Flower Sticks, and ones without tassels are usually referred to as Devilsticks (and often have a tapered centre stick). Flowersticks are slower moving and therefore easier to learn with. The earliest record of a set of Devilsticks is over 200 years, but it is very likely that they were around much longer, perhaps over 1000 years; after all, sticks and people have been around for ages!


Devilsticks actually have nothing to do with the devil. Like the Diabolo, the name Devilstick comes from the Greek word ‘dallo’ or ‘diabello’ meaning to toss or throw across. To save confusion, we like to just call them ‘sticks’

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